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The Cost of Divorce in Oregon

The cost of a divorce in Oregon varies tremendously depending upon whether the divorce is contested (i.e., initiated by one party) or uncontested (i.e., initiated by both parties) as well as by the complexity of the case. As of September, 2019 the fee for filing for a divorce is $287. The cost to serve your spouse usually starts at $40 and can increase depending upon what company you use. There are two categories of legal expenses in Oregon, attorneys’ fees and legal costs. The average divorce in Oregon costs $12,700, including $10,000 in attorneys’ fees. Legal costs include, among other things: court fees, payments to experts, mediator/arbitrator fees, computer research charges, copying and telephone charges, etc. There are also less obvious expenses, including relocating and setting up a second household and securing your own health insurance if you were on your spouse’s plan.

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